Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First

Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First



Released: N/A
Label:Epitaph Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Bad Religion's new effort is possibly their most innovative and unique record ever. I say this because, as an unabashed fan, it's really hard for me to say if a BR record is bad or good, but this one is not just good compared to their other material it's better. After a slow intro ( Overdue ), the record starts from where we left off with The Process Of Belief: Sinister Rouge is a really fast punk rock song that reminds of the first few tunes of the previous BR record. Then, The Empire Strikes First takes a strange shape, because after hearing such songs as Social Suicide and Atheist Peace, I have the feeling I was taken back to the good ole' Generator times: the fast guitar riffs, the catchy melodies, the awesome oohhh's and aahhh's of Jay Bentley and the songwriting of Graffin and Gurewitz make these new songs something special to me. Then it's time for some Recipe For Hate-era songs: All There Is and Los Angeles Is Burning sound like they were taken off that BR record, as they are so seriously catchy no one could resist them, and they have some super easy listening choruses, not to mention, serious and thought provoking lyrics. It's a bit naive, but slow mid tempo songs like Let Them Eat War, To Another Abyss, Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever and Live Again - The Fall Of Man do not sound bad on the record, on the contrary, they give some moments of pause during all the blistering 14 tracks. But the best stuff Bad Religion can play to me, are songs like God's Love, The Quickening and the title track, where the band displays all of its skills for the finest melodic hardcore on Earth. Beyond Electric Dreams is the most 'conservative punk' song on the record, as it sounds like it was taken of No Control: fast verses, dual vocals and Greg Graffin's superlative voice. I like to think that Bad Religion is the best punk rock band on Earth, and I am so glad they never get old and mellowed out, aka matured: The Empire Strikes Back shows this, it was made 20 year into their career and it sounds like it was made by a bunch of passionate teenagers at their debut with the world wearing them down. It's really true that youth is a state of mind, and Bad Religion are the living proof.

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