Anti Flag - Underground Network

Anti Flag - Underground Network




Released: 4/24/2001
Formats: CD  LP  Digital
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



The politically charged band Anti Flag is back with their third full length
album. "Underground Network" is the band\' s first full length on Fat Wreck
Chords. Obviously Fat Mike liked these guys enough to land them on the label.

When you take a listen to "Underground Network" for the first time, the thing
you\' ll notice the most is the production. Its miles up there compared to "A
New Kind Of Army". "A New Kind Of Army" in everyone\' s mind was a good album,
but it always sounded like it cost them $5 to record it. The album had that
"muddy" sound to it that turned allot of people off. Fortunately this time
around, Anti Flag finally has an album that matches their sound live.

Anti Flag really hasn\' t changed that much, but with this album it seems that
they\' re sticking with their hardcore roots more than anything. My favorite
track on here is the title track which has great lead guitar spots and
excellent chanting vocals which are two things that Anti Flag have always
been known for.

Don\' t expect me to get into politics for this review because thats not what
this is about. It doesn\' t matter what I think-its what you think thats
important. Anti Flag is one of the few bands today where you won\' t hear them
singing about girls, its all about unity and anti-government messages and I
imagine thats always how its going to be.

I though the song "Seattle Was A Riot" (from the Fat 5 comp) was one of the
best Anti Flag songs to date, but unfortunately there really isn\' t one song
on here that matches that one. Listening to this over and over I just found
myself thinking that "A New Kind Of Army" or "Die For The Government" for
that matter are better than this new one. Don\' t get me wrong, this is a
decent album and I\' m sure Anti Flag fans and others will definitely dig this,
I just enjoyed their previous work more.

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