Anti Flag - The Terror State

Anti Flag - The Terror State




Released: N/A
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



The newest album by political active punks ANTI FLAG is not simply the band's best work and most complete album to date, but also one of the finest and best produced album in the Fat history. The record features 13 punk rock anthems produced by ex-Rage Aganist The Machine guitarist Tom Morello: the new songs from Anti Flag are a different from the band's older stuff. Some of the tunes are even more catchy, some others are even more angry and political, and the musical skills of the band members make the record have a lot of influences, from punk to even reggae riffs and pop punk harmonies, not to mention, sing a long choruses. The best stuff of the album is the production, which is awesome and cured in every particular, making the music even louder and more pissed. The lyrics are 100% true and political, with topics that deal with the president of the USA, the people's protests and the fights for oil among the other issues; The Terror State obviously features the 13 finest tunes the band ever wrote: stuff like Turncoat, Mind The G.A.T.T., Post-War Breakdown and You Can Kill The Protesters, But You Can't Kill The Protest are just a few examples of how this record deserves some major attention. On a side note, the artwork of the CD is clever, good and it really gives some sense to buy the album, with strong messages and notes besides the lyrics. The Terror State is one of those records that I would recommend to buy to remember about the year 2003 in punk rock history.

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by manuel 10/30/2003 0:00:00


by kool 11/1/2003 0:00:00

i fukin' luv a-f rec. kik azz

by Lindsay 1/12/2004 0:00:00

One of the best punk albums of the year.. everyone DEFINTLY go out and get.. :)

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