Anti Flag - Location Is Everything Vol.1

Anti Flag - Location Is Everything Vol.1




Released: N/A
Label:Jade Tree
Added: 2012-12-15



Imagine a great record label doing a sampler. The thing that comes out cannot not be amazing. And this is what Location Is Everything Vol.1 is all about - the Jade Tree Records sampler with all of the stuff the label released in the latest two years plus seven unreleased song, this is what my ears wanna hear, finally a good record sampler! In this cd there is really anything a music lover could want, from the soft melodic songs of The Promise Ring, Zero Zero, Jets To Brazil and Mighty Flashlight, to the fury and power of hardcore of Strike Anywhere, Trial By Fire and the amazing The Explosion, to the slow scoustic guitar ballads of Pedro the Lion and Onelinedrawing , side project of Jonah Matranga from New End Original, with a sample from his upcoming album Visitor.There are other new songs from upcoming record, as Kicking in the Light from the new record of Girls VS Boys, a great song that mixes a catchy choruses with more eclectic music, and I am quite sure the new record from this band is going to be one of the best of this year. Also, there are seven unreleased songs from bands as Girls VS Boys, The Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil, Mighty Flashlight, Paint It Black, Pedro the Lion and Milemaker, and the fact that these tunes will not be available anywhere else makes this record label sampler very interesting. Location Is Everything Vol.1 shows how Jade Tree Records is an unique record label that puts out music not judging the label of the music played by a band, but with the interest of doing a good thing and putting out music that is enjoyable and done with the heart. Try it for yourself.|

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