500 Miles To Memphis - Sunshine In A Shotglass

500 Miles To Memphis - Sunshine In A Shotglass




Released: 5/15/2007
Formats: CD  Digital
Label:Deep Elm Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Named after the distance from the band\' s hometown of Cincinnati to Graceland, 500 Miles To Memphis release their first Deep Elm album "Sunshine In A Sunglass". I was quite impressed when I popped the cd into the stereo, as a very loud and punk sound came out, that reminded me of Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. As soon as "All My Friends Are Crazy" started, I realized how this band is more inspired by indie rock and roll than those two punk rock / Irish bands I mentioned.

The band plays fast rock and roll, with loud guitars that become acoustic sometimes, and are a cross between Lucero and Against Me!, with a more pop attitude, as on such songs like "Broken, Busted, Bloody", which has got slow, melodic and poppy rhythms. "I\' ll Miss You (Whatever)" is a classic souther rock and roll song, while "Fireflies" is more punk oriented, but the general atmosphere you breath in the record is the one of a strong rock and roll album that does not want to be labelled, so let\' s leave it that way.

01. All My Friends Are Crazy
02. Broken, Busted, Bloody
03. Don\' t Mislead
04. Darlin\'
05. My Time Is Up
06. Keep It Together
07. I\' ll Miss You (Whatever)
08. Cheers
09. Fireflies
10. Let It Rain
11. Sunshine In a Shotglass
12. The Regret

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